corporate September 19, 2019

GERRY WEBER: Vast majority of creditors approve in­solv­ency plan

At today’s discussion and voting meeting, the vast majority of the creditors meeting of GERRY WEBER International AG (GWI) has approved the insolvency plan for the continuation of the group. The insolvency plan was approved by all creditor groups but the current shareholders, which shall leave the company within the scope of the planned financial restructuring of GWI.

corporate August 23, 2019

GERRY WEBER In­ter­na­tion­al AG: Court submits in­solv­ency plan for review and schedules cred­it­ors’ meeting

The insolvency plans submitted by GERRY WEBER International AG (GWI) and GERRY WEBER Retail GmbH & Co. KG (GWR) in the insolvency proceedings under self-administration have been laid down by the Bielefeld Local Court in accordance with Section 234 of the Insolvenzordnung (InsO – German Insolvency Statute).

corporate July 15, 2019

GERRY WEBER reaches milestone for securing the company’s future

Today, GERRY WEBER has made an essential decision on securing the company group‘s future. in the ongoing insolvency proceedings under self-administration, GERRY WEBER International AG concluded a binding investment agreement on the financial restructuring of the company within the scope of an insolvency plan with funds managed by Robus Capital Management Ltd. and Whitebox Advisors LLP.

corporate July 08, 2019

Investor exercises pur­chas­ing option for HALLHUBER

A fund managed by Robus Capital Management took over the majority share of HALLHUBER GmbH from GERRY WEBER International AG. Within the scope of the ongoing restructuring under self-administration, GERRY WEBER granted a purchase option to the investor in February.

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