corporate November 13, 2018

Promis­sory note loan providers of GERRY WEBER grant deferment of out­stand­ing loan re­ceiv­ables until January 2019

The outside creditors of GERRY WEBER International AG, with outstanding loan receivables due on 5 November 2018, have come to an agreement with the group over a deferment of outstanding loan receivables. The deferment agreements remain valid until the end of January 2019 and are yet another substantial partial step in the comprehensive restructuring measures of the company.

corporate October 25, 2018

GERRY WEBER to focus on core brands

talkabout, the youngest label of GERRY WEBER International AG, the international fashion company headquartered in Halle/Westphalia (Germany), will be discontinued. As part of the current Performance Programme and the extensive transformation, the company will now focus on its core brands, GERRY WEBER, TAIFUN and SAMOON as well as HALLHUBER.

corporate October 18, 2018

Expert Opinion affirms good prognosis for the re­struc­tur­ing of GERRY WEBER

The draft of the restructuring opinion in line with Standard S6 (IDW S6), to verify the company’s capability for a successful restructuring and to support the current substantial transformation process, commissioned by GERRY WEBER International AG, concluded with a positive prognosis. According to the opinion, the fundamental core business model of GERRY WEBER Group is sustainable and viable for the future.

pm October 10, 2018


Today, GERRY WEBER International AG signed an agreement regarding the sale of the Showroom Center “HALLE29” in Düsseldorf to a subsidiary of Zech Group, Bremen. The selling price for the property amounts to about EUR 36 million. The completion of the transaction and the payment of the purchase price are subject to several standard customary closing conditions.

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