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GERRY WEBER is a strong brand for women that stands for values such as FEMININE, CASUAL CHIC and INSPIRING. The col­lec­­tions are targeted at modern, grown-up women who enjoy life in a fash­ion­­able and self-confident manner. Humour, in­­tel­li­­gence and a lust for life – both privately and pro­fes­­sion­ally – are the char­ac­ter­­ist­ics of the GERRY WEBER woman. All GERRY WEBER Col­lec­­tions stand for feminine fashion made to the highest standards of quality and fit. A strong focus on matched outfits and details ensures that all looks project a perfectly co­ordin­ated image.

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Relaxed, natural and feminine at the same time

GERRY WEBER Casual stands for a carefree lifestyle and in­­di­vidu­al­ised looks. GERRY WEBER Casual is a col­lec­­tion of strong single items which lend them­selves perfectly to creating your own co­ordin­ated outfit based on clearly defined themes.

Ex­­cep­­tion­al detailing, high-quality materials, beautiful colours and perfect fits are the hallmarks of this relaxed and confident look.

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Casual, in­­di­vidu­al and authentic

Each look is com­ple­­men­ted by fash­ion­­able high­­lights from the Edition Col­lec­­tion: GERRY WEBER EDITION stands for a fresh and fash­ion­­able lifestyle. Bold items form a col­lec­­tion of excellent quality, clever details and modern, dynamic looks. The numerous com­bin­a­­tion pos­s­ib­il­it­ies allow today’s self-confident woman to express her per­­son­al­ity through her clothes.

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GERRY WEBER ACCESSORIES are trendy items which ideally com­ple­­ment every outfit – from scarves, shawls, ponchos and stoles to caps, hats, belts, fashion jewellery and gloves. These stylish ac­­cessor­ies are char­ac­ter­­ised by love and attention to detail, soph­ist­ic­ated design and a wide range of high-quality materials.

Together with the GERRY WEBER portfolio of licensed products – GERRY WEBER Bags, GERRY WEBER Shoes, GERRY WEBER Eyewear and GERRY WEBER Jewellery – the GERRY WEBER lifestyle is com­ple­­men­ted to per­­­fec­­tion.