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Re­or­gan­isa­tion of the GERRY WEBER Strategic Business Unit

July 19, 2018

As part of the Performance Programme for sustainable profitable growth, GERRY WEBER International AG reorganises the GERRY WEBER SBU (Strategic Business Unit). The organisation will be geared to the go-to-market model in order to respond fast and flexibly to short-term developments and fashion trends. In this context, the fashion company adopts a stringent vertical process approach that puts the customer centre-stage.

The Strategic Business Units are adapting their structures and working methods to the faster and more flexible product development and procurement process. The GERRY WEBER SBU will be run as a category management organisation with immediate effect. This strengthens the product and the customer focus and supports the creative overall management of the brand. The new organisation is also reflected in a central “mock shop”, a new space concept, which becomes an agile communications hub for all Category Managers and ensures that all functions are connected.

Starting September 2018, the GERRY WEBER SBU will be led by Rena Marx, Creative Vice President, and Peter Krosta, who will assume the role of Executive Vice President / Sales with effect from 1 September 2018. As of the same date, Peter Krosta will also become Managing Director of GERRY WEBER Retail GmbH.

In his role as Executive Vice President Sales of GERRY WEBER and Managing Director of GERRY WEBER Retail GmbH, Peter Krosta will be responsible for the national and international Wholesale operations of the GERRY WEBER SBU as well as for the Retail operations of the GERRY WEBER Core brands. Peter Krosta is additionally involved in all cross-channel activities based on physical retail responsibility. Peter Krosta reports to Johannes Ehling, Chief Sales Officer and Chief Digital Officer of GERRY WEBER International AG.

“I am very happy that we have been able to win Mr Krosta as Executive Vice President for the Sales Department of the GERRY WEBER SBU and as Managing Director of GERRY WEBER Retail GmbH. Mr Krosta is an experienced manager with excellent industry knowledge, who will help us lead the GERRY WEBER Group into a successful future,” said Ralf Weber, CEO of GERRY WEBER International AG.

Peter Krosta has comprehensive and long-standing experience in both the wholesale sector and the retail sector. He started his professional career at Galeria Kaufhof GmbH, where he stayed for twelve years, before taking over as Head of Operations at Wicky Group. In 2012, Peter Krosta became Sales Manager at Ernstings Family GmbH & Co. KG and will serve in this role until the end of August 2018.

Rena Marx was appointed Creative Vice President of GERRY WEBER with effect from 1 March 2018. In this position, she is responsible for the creative orientation of the GERRY WEBER Collection, Casual and Edition brands. She is also in charge of the product development and procurement process.

She cooperates closely with the Brand Designers of the individual GERRY WEBER-segments, Collection, Casual and Edition. The aim is to establish GERRY WEBER as the umbrella brand and to develop a unique signature while at the same time highlighting the differences between the individual collections and sharpening their profiles. The collections are to become more modern and appealing and to attract greater attention.

Rena Marx joined the GERRY WEBER Group in January 2015. As Product Director GERRY WEBER Casual, she was responsible for the successful development of the Casual segment, which has grown consistently. She needed only three years to establish GERRY WEBER Casual both at a national and an international level.

Raimund Axmann, Executive Vice President / Product GERRY WEBER and talkabout, has chosen not to renew his contract with GERRY WEBER International AG after 30 June 2020 for personal reasons.

Raimund Axmann joined the GERRY WEBER Group in September 2006. In the beginning, he served as Managing Director of GERRY WEBER Life Style Fashion GmbH, where he was responsible for Knitwear/Shirts, Trousers/Skirts/Blouses as well as Outdoor. One of his greatest achievements was the successful build-up of the trousers segment of GERRY WEBER Edition. In his most recent role as Executive Vice President / Product, he was in charge of the GERRY WEBER and talkabout business unit.

“We thank Mr Axmann for his long-standing and successful work for the GERRY WEBER Group and wish him all the best for his professional and personal future,” said Ralf Weber, CEO of GERRY WEBER International AG.

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