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GERRY WEBER adopts new Managing Board structure from 1 November 2014

Management left to right: Dr. David Frink, Gerhard Weber, Ralf Weber, Arnd Buchardt

June 04, 2014

  • Annual General Meeting approves stable dividend of EUR 0.75 per share
  • Gerhard Weber to resign as Chairman of the Managing Board and join the Supervisory Board effective 1 November 2014
  • Dr. David Frink to serve as the Speaker of the three-member Managing Board from 1 November


At today’s Annual General Meeting of GERRY WEBER International AG, a large majority of the shareholders approved the resolution to appoint Gerhard Weber to the Supervisory Board of GERRY WEBER International AG effective 1 November 2014. Having been at the helm of the company since its foundation 41 years ago, Mr Weber will not renew his contract as Chairman of the Managing Board expiring 31 October 2014.

Gerhard Weber founded the company jointly with his business partner Udo Hardieck in 1973 and was instrumental in its rapid growth. Starting out as a Halle/Westphalia-based manufacturer of trousers, the company developed into a global fashion and lifestyle corporation during the ensuing 41 years.

In addition, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Ernst F. Schröder announced the decision to appoint Dr. David Frink as Speaker of the Managing Board of GERRY WEBER International AG.

Accordingly, the Managing Board will be composed of three members from 1 November 2014. Arnd Buchardt and Ralf Weber, the two current Managing Board members, will join Managing Board Speaker Dr. David Frink in steering the GERRY WEBER Group’s fortunes.

Arnd Buchardt, who has been with the GERRY WEBER Group for more than 10 years, will be in charge of Products, Brands and Licences, overseeing the entire product development process from collection design to procurement.

Ralf Weber will be in charge of all Sales matters as well as Business Development. This means he will oversee the national and international business with partners in the retail trade (Wholesale) as well as sales to consumers (Retail). Prior to his appointment to the Managing Board, Ralf Weber served as Managing Director of the Retail segment for more than five years.

Dr. David Frink joined the company’s Managing Board in 2009. His future responsibilities will include Finance, Logistics, IT, Administration and HR. In his capacity as Speaker of the Managing Board, Dr. Frink will remain in charge of communication with the capital markets, the media and all other stakeholders.

Apart from Gerhard Weber’s election to the Supervisory Board of the company, the AGM agenda also included a resolution on the dividend payment. A large majority of the shareholders endorsed the proposed stable dividend of EUR 0.75 per share. All other items on the agenda were also approved by clear majority votes.

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