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New online brand GR[8]FUL to go online today!

Great news for fashion-loving women who are always on the lookout for fashion items to create their own unique looks: GR[8]FUL, the new premium fashion label goes live today, 27 March 2018, at

Feminine, special, style-conscious, relaxed, connected – that’s the demanding GR[8]FUL customer. This confident consumer will appreciate the sophisticated, high quality looks with a special touch offered by the new premium label.

The fantasy name GR[8]FUL reflects the brand values: the figure [8] symbolises a fresh start and is also the Chinese number for luck; “great” stands for grand and unique, while “ful” represents perfect form and relaxation.

GR[8]FUL is one of the first German premium brands that are exclusively available online. Customers are in for eight high-quality capsule collections offering the latest trends – from fashionable dresses to smart blouses to special and feminine shirts. The GR[8]FUL collections invite consumers to relaxed online shopping – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

GR[8]FUL’s commitment to uniqueness also extends to the packagings, as the stylish collection items are dispatched in high-quality black cartons wrapped in gold silk paper.

The sophisticated, special looks of the premium label are now available at The social media channels provide deeper insights into the brand philosophy - stylish moodboards, details, fabrics, mood images and videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube communicate the high quality and the love to detail.

GR[8]FUL is the new purely digital premium label from GERRY WEBER International AG.

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