HALLHUBER em­bod­ies the zeit­geist.

HALLHUBER is a mod­ern brand re­flect­ing the in­ter­na­tion­al zeit­geist. The com­plete look al­ways takes centre-stage, com­bined with re­li­able fits, per­fect work­man­ship and at­tract­ive pri­cing.

HALLHUBER of­fers fash­ion-lov­ing women a unique choice of ready-to-wear items as well as shoes, bags and ac­cessor­ies. The HALLHUBER brand uni­verse com­prises two product lines, namely HALLHUBER and HALLHUBER DONNA. The HALLHUBER line is trend-ori­ented and of­fers out­fits “from break­fast to din­ner“. The HALLHUBER DONNA line is more el­eg­ant and ex­pens­ive. It is a har­mo­ni­ous, high-qual­ity com­ple­ment to the HALLHUBER line and of­fers the ideal out­fits for any so­cial or busi­ness oc­ca­sion.


HALLHUBER is mod­ern.

Led by Susanne Hall­huber, the design team main­tains an in­ter­na­tion­al net­work and is very much in touch with the zeit­geist. HALLHUBER uses care­fully se­lec­ted high-qual­ity fab­rics to pro­duce trendy fa­vour­ite items with great love for de­tail.

HALLHUBER is style-set­ting.

Every two weeks, HALLHUBER sur­prises its cus­tom­ers with new col­lec­tions, which tell unique stor­ies and offer count­less pos­sible com­bin­a­tions. The com­plete look al­ways takes centre stage here. HALLHUBER cus­tom­ers value re­li­able fits, per­fect crafts­man­ship and a highly at­tract­ive price brack­et. HALLHUBER is ab­so­lutely com­mit­ted to of­fer­ing per­son­al ad­vice and ser­vice.