HALLHUBER embodies the zeitgeist.

HALLHUBER offers fashion-loving women a unique choice of ready-to-wear items as well as shoes, bags and ac­­cessor­ies. The HALLHUBER brand universe comprises two product lines, namely HALLHUBER and HALLHUBER DONNA. The HALLHUBER line is trend-oriented and offers outfits “from breakfast to dinner“. The HALLHUBER DONNA line is more elegant and expensive. It is a har­­mo­n­i­ous, high-quality com­ple­­ment to the HALLHUBER line and offers the ideal outfits for any social or business occasion.


HALLHUBER is modern.

HALLHUBER is a modern brand re­flect­ing the in­­ter­­n­a­­tion­al zeitgeist. Led by Susanne Hallhuber, the design team maintains an in­­ter­­n­a­­tion­al network and is very much in touch with the zeitgeist. HALLHUBER uses carefully selected high-quality fabrics to produce trendy favourite items with great love for detail.

HALLHUBER is style-setting.

Every two weeks, HALLHUBER surprises its customers with new col­lec­­tions, which tell unique stories and offer countless possible com­bin­a­­tions. The complete look always takes centre stage here. HALLHUBER customers value reliable fits, perfect craft­s­­man­­ship and a highly at­tract­ive price bracket. HALLHUBER is ab­so­lutely committed to offering personal advice and service.