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Care What You Wear

Care What You Wear

Be responsible and think of the long-term future – GERRY WEBER Casual is pursuing this idea with “Care what you wear“, a cotton collection from ecologically controlled cultivation. Fashion by GERRY WEBER has always been made under strict standards such as BSCI and the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and now takes a further step with the introduction of the "Care what you wear" collection.

The focus is on creating a good feeling when wearing fashion items. GERRY WEBER Casual combines fashion and environmental concerns for a lifestyle where sustainability plays an important role. From growing cotton in India and Tanzania to the sewing workshop, every customer can trace every transparent step of the production process. Information about the supply chain of a GERRY WEBER Casual garment made of organic cotton can be obtained from a sewn-in traceability number. As soon as you enter this number at, you will learn about the people and companies who have contributed to the manufacture of the garment.

The "Care what you wear" collection consists of especially skin friendly products. Respecting nature and people, no poisonous chemicals are used in dyeing and printing. CO2 emissions, which arise during production, are balanced out by projects such as biogas installations and efficient ovens in cotton growing areas.

GERRY WEBER Casual produces garments made of bioRe® cotton in collaboration with the Swiss textile company Remei AG. The collection is available from spring 2017 and comprises of shirts and pullovers.