GW Background


Sustainable business management and social responsibility have traditionally been key values of GERRY WEBER International AG and form the basis of forward-looking corporate governance. We are committed to attaining all the objectives we have set ourselves with regard to social and environmental responsibility in line with our corporate objectives.

Economical, ecological and socially responsible management in accordance with our stakeholders’ requirements is part of GERRY WEBER’s credo.

Our Sustainability Report for the financial year 2014/15 is our first-ever comprehensive presentation of GERRY WEBER International AG’s goals, projects and activities in the field of sustainability. Our objective is to provide transparent information on progress and developments and to present an authentic view of future challenges and approaches.

View FY 2014/15 Sustainability Report (ePaper)


Social compliance and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)

Sourcing its goods from international manufacturing partners, GERRY WEBER International AG is aware of the different and sometimes problematic working and living conditions in many procurement countries. The Group’s credo is to ensure that the products it offers are produced in a socially compliant way. This includes the safeguarding of basic human and labour rights for the employees of our suppliers.


In order to live up to this responsibility, GERRY WEBER joined the Business Social Compliance Initiative in 2010. The BSCI operates a programme for the introduction, verification and improvements of social standards on an international level.

The BSCI is an initiative for retailers, manufacturers and importers, enabling them to monitor and improve social standards and working conditions at suppliers as well as on farms across their worldwide supply chains. Core elements of the BSCI programme include awareness training and the promotion of knowledge regarding employee needs as well as a shared approach to improving any potential shortcomings.

GERRY WEBER International AG commits its suppliers to compliance with the social standards under the BSCI Code of Conduct and works with them towards practical solutions for quality assurance and ongoing improvements.

View BSCI Code of Conduct

Product responsibility and quality

All of GERRY WEBER’s plans and actions are subject to its commitment to offering consumers only products that are known to be harmless to humans.  A special quality management system covering all products from planning to production to delivery ensures that this objective is permanently achieved across all brands and product groups of the GERRY WEBER Group.

Only non-hazardous articles and raw materials are approved for production to ensure that all products of GERRY WEBER International AG are non-hazardous to human health.

This company standard is implemented by means of the following measures:


  • targeted selection of qualified raw materials suppliers
  • check of all raw materials for allergenic and cancerogenic substances in the country of origin and counter-check of the end product on a random sample basis
  • continuous monitoring of all parameters by independent certified laboratories

Ecology and environmental protection

Environmental protection and nature preservation as well as the responsible use of natural resources play an important role in all corporate decisions of the GERRY WEBER Group.

Our climate concept and our Bluebox system, a central control instrument, help save energy in our stores and thereby contribute to environmental protection.

The use of geothermal energy has reduced the carbon footprint of our Halle/Westphalia headquarters. In addition, GERRY WEBER regularly participates in sustainability projects to increase employee awareness and promote sustainability-oriented action by our workforce.

At the international production facilities, appropriate agreements with suppliers ensure that environmental standards are met.

Animal and species protection

The GERRY WEBER Group deems the use of real fur products to be unacceptable. Animal protection is explicitly anchored in the Corporate Code of GERRY WEBER International AG and thus enjoys maximum priority.

GERRY WEBER International AG has banned real fur and the use of angora wool from all collections across its brands. We strictly adhere to the pledge we have given to several animal protection organisations and have instructed our manufacturing partners to exclusively use woven fur. We note the high energy input and the heavy use of chemicals mean that real fur products are neither environmentally friendly nor a natural product.

Social responsibility

GERRY WEBER International AG strives to exercise its corporate social responsibility both on a regional and on an international level.

Our existing partnerships with academic institutions such as Hochschule Niederrhein, our long-standing sponsorship of Wertkreis Gütersloh and Bodelschwinghschen Anstalten Bethel in Bielefeld as well as our support of the Good Hope Centers in Tansania are important elements of our corporate culture.